Bangladesh Impressions

Bangladesh Impressions

Stuff you might not know about Rickshaws – and their drivers

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Rickshaw drivers in Dhaka often don't live in the city

They come from the countryside to work for a few weeks and make some money for their families back home.

They also rarely own the Rickshaw

They rent it, often on a daily basis, because they never make enough money to buy one for themselves.

Rickshaw Art

The paintings on the Rickshaw often depict famous movies and actors, they are produced by local airbrush artists. The floral patterns on the parasols are stitched out of tarps and tinfoils - but this craft is not in demand these days.

Bangladesh by Boat

Rivers are running through Bangladesh like veins through a body, so it is no surprise that boats are the cheapest way to travel.

Sadarghat Boat Terminal

A bustling energetic place filled with merchants, captains, and passengers, this is where most boatrides in Dhaka start

Whatever floats

Traveling the Bangladeshi Waterways you will find an amazing amount of vessels - basically, anything that floats and can be attached to a diesel engine can be turned into a boat...

"The Rocket"...

... an old steamer, takes you on a picturesk ride from Dhaka to Kulna

Class system

There are usually three classes: First, second and deck. First and second provide cabins or seats, people who travel deck bring their own blankets and food.