The First Connection

First Connection:

Hamburg – Boston


One of the first people that immediately popped into my mind when I was planning this project (you know, social network traveling) is a good friend of mine whom I met in journalism school in Germany. She was the girl with the tough economic questions and the energy to kick, well, basically anybody’s ass with a smile. I was the girl talking about arts, ethics and the meta level of a debate. It might not sound like a natural fit. But we became friends. And we stayed in touch after school ended, met up with a group of girls once a year,  rooted for each other, called and left messages. I knew she had traveled a lot and lived abroad, so I was sure she was still in touch with some of the people she met. And I was right: When I told her about my plans she immediately knew who she would like to introduce me to. Her old friend Cait.

They had met in high school when my friend was studying abroad for one year. Cait still remembers the moment: They were both on the track team. Cait was wearing a Volkswagen-Tshirt. And then the german girl approached her with the most lovely BFF pick up line there is: “I really like your shirt!”

The two of them have been friends ever since. And by that I mean: boy, are they close! They kept in touch all these years, they know their respective spouses, siblings, and parents, their families get excited when the other one comes to visit, and they met each other in places all over the world.

And now, well, now Cait and her husband Jeremy are taking me in. Because of her. And that lucky Volkswagen-Tshirt.

Wanna know what I learned from staying with Cait and Jeremy? Continue…