3. Connection: How I got to Chile

The Third Connection:

Munich – Berlin – Santiago de Chile

Sometimes, if you are really lucky, you go visit the friends of your friends – and the friend you have in common is also there!

Iris and I have known each other for a long time. She is the kind friend you really want around while studying because she is REALLY organized. She got excited about the schedule for a new semester before it was even published, she was always on time to sign up for stuff and she constantly asked you about your plans – not to be annoying but because she really cared.

Now, this makes her sound like a total nerd. Which she is in some perspective. But she is also the friend who will drag you to festivals, party all night, switch to discussing feminism in the cab at 5 am and generally avoid a boring life.

Iris and Lisa have known each other even longer – they met as teenagers in a little town in southern Germany. They have that special bond, that only friends share, who survived puberty together. It is almost funny to see them interact because they have so much in common. For example, you could not meet kinder people. They manage to almost battle each other in generosity because both of them really want to pay for everyone, get coffee, help out – as a third party all you can do is secretly sneak to the waiter and pay for everyone yourself and boom – you win… 😉

This is why it was hard for me to ask Iris if she would send me to Lisa.


Because knowing the two of them I feared nobody would say no, even if they really wanted to. But on the other hand, I was sure I would be given a unique chance meeting Lisa and her boyfriend Gabriel, a Chilean musician and community activist in his working-class neighborhood of Lo Hermida on the outskirts of Santiago, because Iris told me some of their stories.

So after long consideration I decided to tell her about my schedule and ask her point blank, if she would like to participate. And not only did she say yes – she also told me she was going to be there too, traveling with another childhood friend, Alex. And what could possibly be better than meeting old friends at the other side of the world?

So this is how I ended up writing most of this post in the tiny kitchen you above whilst my friends and their friends set the dinner table in the living room. And it is also how I learned to love Lo Hermida and be pretty critical about Chilean society… Wanna know more? Here you go! 

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