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I’m Franzi from Hamburg, Germany, and, well,  I’m fascinated by all the people living on this planet. I mean, 7.5 billion people! Everyone, from nomadic families living in Mongolia to homemakers in Cape Town to Kim Kardashian, is here. And even though it sometimes seems like we are worlds apart, we are all connected – via our colleagues, friends and families and their colleagues, friends, and families, in a giant network of affection covering the globe. So I decided to travel along those chains. Instead of asking my friends „Where should I go, what place did you like?“ I started asking them „Whom should I meet?“


Well, partly, obviously, because I’m wired that way. People travel for different reasons: Some want to see historic sites, others want to bungee jump off a cliff and many are going places to enjoy the food or the landscape. Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy all of these things immensely! But the main reason why I like to travel is meeting people. Having good conversations. Getting a little glimpse of everyday lives.

The other reason lies a little deeper beneath the surface: I am an optimist. I believe that most people are kind, normal people trying to get by in their everyday lives. But when I’m watching the news the world mostly appears to be a dark place, filled with war, crime and suffering. Sometimes I have to remind myself that yeah, sure, there are warlords and drug traffickers and terrorists out there – but they are by all means the minority.

I hope that traveling like this might be one of the ways to actually experience this truth – and to talk about it. So I will get going in march. I’d love it if you wanted to tag along, either by checking in here or ordering my newsletter or following me on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram… And of course, I’d be thrilled to bump into you on the road. So, one way or the other: Hope to see you soon!

About me

This is my private blog. In my everyday live I am a journalist who firmly believes that most people, all things considered, don’t want to harm anyone – and that we need stories that remind us of that. I trust the power of constructive narratives. And empathy. And coffee.

I work, amongst others, for Die Zeit, Spiegel Online and Neue Zürcher Zeitung.

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