What is the world to you?

An oyster? An adventure playground? Something to be explored? Or something to be feared? Personally, I am an optimist. I believe that most people are kind, normal people trying to get by in their everyday lives. But when I’m watching the news the world mostly appears to be filled with war, crime and suffering. And I actually have to remind myself that yeah, sure, there are warlords and drug traffickers and terrorists out there – but they are by all means the minority.
It is absurd: Here we are, more connected via technology than any other time. And at the same time, we seem to fear each other more than ever before. Theoretically, everybody knows each other via six degrees of separation. And still, instead of shaking each other’s hands we keep staring into screens trying to figure out, who is out there. This is why I started traveling along my social network – literally. The stories here are the ones of the people I met on that journey – and their countries. Read more